Anonymous (United States)
Album of 76 snapshots of frolicking young women and their beaux
Gelatin silver print (74 gelatin silver prints and 2 cyanotypes), 1908 to 1910

"Umm... Who moved the lake? It was here a minute ago!"

A Charming album of casual snapshots of young women cutting various capers, solo, in groups, and some with their friends. Many of the images are dated, signed, or initialed in pen on the prints recto, or on the album pages. Some with locations and humorous titles ("The Stump Speaker" standing on a tree-stump, and "American Beauties" capturing the young women face-on, prone on the grass) and even more humorous subjects such as posing in a rowboat, the men with long oars, on a desert plain out of sight of any water.

With five loose images that fit but may have left their mountings.

Size:various; 4 x 3 1/4 in. to1 x 1 in.
Condition:3+ (Album binding tight, covers fine, prints well-protected. A fine and focused snapshot album.)
No. 26.119