Byron H. Gurnsey (Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States)
Rocky Mountain Views, Sierra Blanca and Bald Mountains, Colorado
Albumen print, Stereo card, 1872 to 1880
Label affixed mount verso with the printed information "Gurnsey's Rocky Mountain Views...Sierra Blanca and Bald Mountains,...From Garland City, Col. Sierra Blanca is said to be the highest mountain in the United States, having an elevation of 14.400 feet above sea level."

This card is from Gurnsey's Scenes on the Line of the Fort Garland Extension of the D.&R.G. Ry.

Gurnsey was active in Colorado Springs from 1872 to 1880.

Size:3 1/8 x 6 1/4 in.
No. 26.87