Anonymous (United States)
Princess Angeline, Daughter of Chief Seattle
Albumen print, Cabinet card, 1880s to 1890s
With the title and lengthy printed information mount verso.

Kakiisimala, later given the English name Angeline by the Seattle pioneer Catherine Maynard, was the dauther of Chief Seattle, the city's founder. The then young photographer Edward S. Curtis often saw her on the streets of that city or digging clams near her shack on Puget Sound. He often photographed her, paid her a dollar for each picture, and later recalled, "This seemed to please her greatly, and she indicated that she preferred to spend her time having pictures taken to digging clams."

Princess Angeline died in 1896, and her funeral was accompanied by most of Seattle's prominent citizens.

Size:5 5/8 x 3 7/8 in. (14 x 10 cm.)
Price:On Hold
No. 23.66
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