Anonymous (United States)
Unidentified Civil War Infantry soldier posed with a Union flag
Albumen print, Carte-de-visite, mid 1860s

An unusual Carte in that it has images pasted to both sides, thus obscuring any photographer identification. Shown here is the better of the two images; the image on the other side shows a different soldier or cadet in the same pose in front of the same elaborate painted backdrop, but with some staining and emulsion loss.

Also notable in this image is the bugle insignia on young man's Hardee hat, indicating Infantry service, but the hat brim his pinned up on the right side of his head, not consistent with regulations at the time, which specified that Infantry pin up the left brim, and Cavalry and Artillery pin up the right. (This appears not to have been a hard and fast rule.)

Possible ID of Zephon (?) Broughton in light pencil at the top border of this card.

Size:3 5/8 x 2 1/4 in. (9 x 6 cm.)
Price:On Hold
No. 25.28
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