Anonymous (United States)
Peculiar image of a boy standing by a cloth-draped chair or mother
Tintype, 1870s
An enigmatic and cryptic portrait of a sober looking boy standing with his arm resting on what appears to be a very large cloth sack.

If this is one of those "hidden parent" images that were popular at the time, the photographer certainly had a little of E.A. Poe in him, since the sack appears to be stitched closed at the top. (What's next for this hapless sack,... to be bricked in with a cask of amontillado?)

If it is not a hidden parent in the sack, then what is in there? And why did the photographer use particularly this, a most strange studio prop. We challenge our kind viewers to use their imaginations and tell us what is going on here.

Size:3 1/4 x 2 in.
Condition:3 (The black spots are original, probably the result of the wrong chemical splashed at the wrong time.)
No. 26.112
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