Anonymous (United States ?)
A sporting group posed with farm implements and a rifle or two
Albumen print, 1890 to 1897
Group of four peculiar images of a group of young men and women posed shouldering various implements.

In one of the photographs (illustrated), the women (wearing bonnets) are holding farming / gardening tools (among them pitch forks, a shovel and a pick axe), and two of the men (in bowler hats) carry rifles or shotguns. To further complicate any interpretation, another image shows a man holding a diminutive pistol high in the air, and a woman seated in the front row aiming a very large revolver at the young man seated 4 feet to her right. Her finger is on the trigger and her thumb is on the cocking hammer like she really means to shoot. The poor man that is her target has only a wooden cut-out of a rifle with which to defend himself. Curiouser and curiouser... The remaining two images show what looks to be the same merry band, and though the long guns are still in evidence, there is no sign of imminent gunfire.

All are photographed with a No. 4 Kodak camera (String-set). All cards bear the Kodak Camera imprint mount verso, in the age when the whole camera was sent to Kodak for processing and reloading. Also printed on mount verso are addresses for both the London and Rochester, New York branches of The Eastman Company.

Additional scans available on request.

Size:3 5/8 x 4 3/4 in. (9 x 12 cm.)
No. 26.145