Frederick Evans (London, England)
Winchester Cathedral Waynflete's Chantry Ceiling
Platinum print, 1900
With Evans' blindstamp lower right recto. On verso of print is Evans' Ex Libris book plate, designed by Aubry Beardsley. The verso also bears the title, penciled in the hand of the photographer's son, Evan Evans.

A gem-like study of one of England's great cathedrals (one which at 560 feet has the greatest total length of any mediaeval cathedral in Europe).

In addition to the rarity and beauty of the work, the study is interesting for its connection to Aubrey Beardsley. Before turning exclusively to photography, Evans owned a small bookshop in London, and it became the meeting place for numerous writers and artists, among them Beardsley. Evans helped establish Beardsley's success when in 1889 he secured for him the commission to illustrate Sir Thomas Mallory's book "Morte D'Arthur". After this event, they remained close friends, and the best known portrait of Beardsley was taken by Evans in 1894.

This study of Waynflete's Chantry is little known, in part because of its exceptionally short provenance. The work went from Frederick Evans to his son, who then held it for some fifty years. This print has never been seen either at auction or in public view.

Size:3 1/2 x 4 1/2 in. (9 x 26.5 cm.)
No. 26.164