Prof. D.J. Cunningham and David Waterston (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Stereoscopic Studies of Anatomy, Section 1, Cranio-Cerebral & Central Nervous System
Gelatin silver print, Stereo card (ferrotyped / glossy), 1909 to 1911
Complete set of 31 anatomical studies comprising Section 1of Stereoscopic Studies of Anatomy. Ten of "Cranio-Cerebral Topography" and twenty-one of the "Central Nervous System - Brain". Stereo photographs, each 3 x 6 inches, mounted on 7 x 9 inch board and with a lengthy printed caption describing the illustration.

With a printed title board, detailing the authors' and editors' names recto, and with a table of contents printed on verso.

In a slip case with the series's titles, authors' names, publisher (Imperial Publishing Company, New York) labeled on the spine.

This series is still being printed by the University of Edinburgh (in a set of five boxes). Early editions appear to be quite scarce.

Size:3 x 6 in. (7.5 x 15.5 cm.)
No. 26.63