Anonymous (United States)
Untitled, Portrait of a dark-complected man
Daguerreotype, 1850 to 1855

In a full leather case, with a split hinge and a purple or lavender plush-pad.

A very dignified portrait of a well-to-do man of color, probably a free man of color in the United States before the Civil War. It is also possible that this daguerreotype could have originated outside U.S. borders. According to our sources knowledgeable on the subject of people of color in daguerreotypes, this man is more likely from somewhere in the Caribbean islands than from the African continent.

The daguerreotypist skilfully used the lens to create a "soft-focus" effect while keeping the man's face sharp.

Please note that almost all of the "dust" that appears in our scan is an artifact of scanning. The plate is very clean and has been resealed with Filmoplast P tape.

Size:1/6th plate
Condition:3+ (Resealed, almost no dust)
No. 27.14
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