Anonymous (Paris, France)
Champs de Mars-Palais de L'Education, Paris Exposition 1900
Cyanotype, 1900
With the handwritten number "68" written in the negative.

A stunningly detailed large-format cyanotype of one of the 1900 Paris Exposition's lavish buildings--the Palais de L'Education, Lettres, Science et Arts, Details, designed by the architects MM. L. Sortais. The print was one of a number of views published in the volume "Les Merveilles et les Originalites Architecturales a L'Exposition 1900".

The Exposition Universelle of 1900 was held in Paris from 12 April to 12 November 1900. The fair was reknowned for the Art Noveau style visible throughout, was visited by nearly 50 million, and to this day is noted for some of the machines and inventions included. The Exposition was where talking films and escalators were first publicized; where Campbell's soup was awarded a gold medal; and where Rudolf Diesel exhibited his diesel engine, which ran on peanut oil.

Interestingly, the Exposition was so expensive to organize and run that the cost per visitor amounted to more than 600 francs the price of their individual admission. The Fair lost a total of 82,000 francs after only six months in operation.
Size:9 1/4 x 11 1/4 in. (23.5 x 29 cm.)
No. 28.13