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We provide many services for collectors and owners of photographs. Our clients include:
  • Collectors of photography, from daguerreotypes to snapshots
  • Antique dealers seeking information on photographs in their inventory
  • Caretakers of family photographic archives
Process and Style Identification

Many different kinds of photographs and photographic processes have evolved in the course of photographic history. Even a modest family archive can contain a dozen distinct photographic processes and styles, and many look alike. Identifying and understanding these processes and styles is important in:

  • determining the age of a photograph
  • placing a print within a photographer's career (for example, "vintage" vs. "printed later")
  • determining the monetary value of a photograph
  • genealogical investigations
  • organizing and caring for collections
Consultation on Preservation

Different kinds of photographs require different solutions for optimal storage and care. We advise on appropriate storage conditions and materials, whether the concern is for a few photographs in a drawer, or a large collection.

Condition Reporting

A good condition report is a prudent step for the collector maintaining his or her collection, or considering a new acquisition. We objectively examine individual photographs to assess condition. We look for signs of:

  • physical damage (cracks, tears, abrasions, etc.)
  • environmental damage (stains, fading, oxidation, etc.)
  • situations where a mount or housing has (or will) affect condition, etc.
  • concerns requiring the services of a professional photograph conservator

Though we are not licensed appraisers, we have been active participants in the photography market for over 20 years. We have a reputation for cautious, dependable valuations for both the photographs we sell, and photographs brought to us for assessment. We also assist in finding and qualifying licensed appraisers for photographs of special merit.

Representation at Auctions or Shows

We represent collectors in person at the various auctions and shows we attend. Services include condition reporting at the auction preview or show, bidding or buying on the collector's behalf, and when successful, facilitating the close of the sale. Please see Our Calendar for auctions and shows we are scheduled to attend, or Contact Us if you are interested in something not on our calendar.

Where We Work, and Our Fees

We are based near Seattle, Washington, and thus are best suited to provide our services to clients in the Pacific Northwest. We can also provide valuable service via email and the Web. Visit us at any of the shows where we exhibit, or Contact Us for individual arrangements.

Initial consultation is always free of charge. Fees for subsequent work are negotiated case-by-case.


Meg Kaufman and Ken Nelson
Bainbridge Island, Washington
(206) 855-0618